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As a Muslim parent, and a software engineer, I also experience anxiety whenever i see my kids surfing the
internet, specially the little one. I have tested many "Internet Parental control software"
including netnanny, safeeye webwatch etc. they are all serving global child safety issues. but none of them
is designed to solve the unique treats facing Muslim. That is why i think that

Sign up for a free  trial
Download and install HalalGate on the device you want to protect (up to 5 devices)
Pick the level of protection based on your child age and enter your secret password.
For advanced user, HalalGate offer more options like
· Administrative right,
· Creating account with different level of access,
· Accountability report,
· Scheduling time of internet use,
· Remote access.
· Email report of tampering or violation. etc
(Theses features are mainly used by small business, Masjids, or parent who need more customized options for their employee
or family members).
How HalalGate works ?
HalalGate software does more than just blocking the bad websites, it is also designed to identify and
promote positive and instructive websites like and
millions more of websites that will help make your children internet experience fun and very rewarding
for their development.
We also help to identify and authenticate genuine " Islamic sites that are run by genuine Muslim with
verifiable credentials. "
HalalGate software nailed it by focusing solenly on internet safety from an islamic perspective.
D'ont let your child be USED BY the internet
Let them USE IT
Et Voila.
· False Islamic websites.(sites designed to serve different agendas)
· So called “Muslim scholars” with little or no verifiable credential in Islamic study.
· Sites that promote violence, false doctrines and extremist view of Islam.
· Pornographic and adult content that are uniquely designed to target Muslim demographic
online based on the language, dialects used, internet habits, etc.
Internet Filtering software.
To Help Muslim Parent Protect Their Kids Online
an Islamic perspective.
Some of these problems is to  Identify and blacklist
These are just a small sample of the many challenges facing Muslim online. none of these challenges is adressed by other internet safety softwares .
Unlike other  generic "internet filtering" software HalalGate is uniquely positioned to tackle problems affecting Muslim on internet.
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