We Help Muslim Parents
Protect Their Kids Online
According to their
Islamic beliefs and Values.
To protect my Kids online, i used many "Internet Parental control softwares" including netnanny, safeeye webwatch etc. and now HalalGate software.

I can assure you only HalalGate software is more effective at filtering and blocking content online that are not suitable for Muslim kids and family. It is the only one designed with Muslim in mind.

That is why i recommend the use of HalalGate software for every Muslim who need to protect his kids and self from non islamic contents online.
Razif Hashim
System Engineer, Amazon
HalalGate features
Very friendly interface and work like you would expect.
Sign up and enter information to create your account.
Download HalalGate software and install it on the device you want to protect
Enter your secret Password to activate the filtering.
Designed to empowers you a Muslim parent to take control of your children's internet uses and have the peace in mind knowing you are in the driver side. 
Once installed and activated, it can only be deactivated using your secret password
You can set time limit of your children's internet uses.
You will be notified if any attempt of tempering or accessing unauthorized website.
Automatically updated. As the internet keep growing and becoming more and more complex place.We will continue to grow with it by implementing new methods, Filtering technology, algorithms to stay ahead of the curbe. Halalgate is more than just a passion for us, it is our mission. and it's well worth it. Joint us if you want be part of it.
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HalalGate software is BUILT
" Muslim have the right to protect their kids online. According to their Islamic Beliefs and values. "